Wax Poetics Back Issues Featuring J Dilla + Detroit Techno Stars

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For readers of this blog who recognize the value in having certain collector's items, the folks at Wax Poetics magazine sent out a tweet yesterday with a link that was definitely worth clicking. They apparently found a box of original, mint conditioned old issues with the king of hip-hop production himself, James "J Dilla" Yancey on the cover from 2006. This was the issue that they ran right after a 32-year-old Yancey had just passed away from complications due to Lupus. I remember the issue well and people snatched up as many of the copies while it was on stands back then.

As of now, the issue is currently the most expensive back order on their website and retails for $29.99. Like I said, it's a collector's item. Anybody that actually has this issue in their possession should give us a shout via the comments and let us know if you think it's worth the $30 price tag today.

It's just good to know they've got a box full of these. For anyone not up on Wax Poetics, they're by far one of the leaders in high quality print journalism about soul, funk, reggae, salsa, retro and hip-hop music worldwide. If the music has flavor and spice in it and can be seen as pivotal to an entire generation, they'll cover it. Their issues typically retail at $10 per copy and it's always worth it... that is if you still value well researched music and photo journalism.

At any rate, that's not the only issue that's relevant to Detroit music fans. They've got, what looks like, a solid issue on Detroit Techno with the ever elusive Juan Atkins on the cover. I can only imagine how difficult it was to get that story rolling. Both of these issues look like early holiday presents for that special someone who love to geek out over music minutia.

This issue is only $9.99 and that's probably a steal. I haven't seen that many Juan Atkins interviews over the years and if Wax Po put him on the cover, it's probably a doozy. It's anyone's guess who the next local artist will be to grace the cover of the magazine but you can drop $40 and snatch these two up and make somebody (yourself included) very happy.

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