Waajeed says his new album ‘is undoubtedly best experienced while driving,’ and more Detroit music news

Plus, the Detroit Sound Conservancy turns 10

Dec 6, 2022 at 8:43 am
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Waajeed drops new album: Master sampler and soulful techno musician Waajeed has released his latest full-length, this time on the legendary German techno label Tresor. Memoirs of Hi-Tech Jazz is “inspired by revolutionary efforts against oppressive hegemonies in Detroit,” according to the album’s Bandcamp page. Waajeed also states that “the album is undoubtedly best experienced while driving,” and says the record is perfectly timed for a round-trip ride from the North End to Belle Isle. This route is particularly significant to the spirit of Waajeed’s music, driving from the neighborhood of the Techno Museum and Submerge (3000 E. Grand Blvd.) all the way to a longtime destination for Black Detroiters to cook out, enjoy the outdoors, and listen to local music pumping from car stereos. The album is available digitally and on vinyl via Waajeed’s Bandcamp, as well as his recent “Acts of Love” mixtapes (be sure to also check out acts one, two and three). All sales from the mixtapes benefit the Underground Music Academy.

Detroit Sound Conservancy celebrates 10 years: Local grassroots nonprofit Detroit Sound Conservancy has spent the past decade with one mission in mind: preserving the “Detroit sound.” This preservation has taken on many forms, including purchasing the historic Blue Bird Inn to begin rehabilitating it, erecting a historic marker at United Sounds Studios to protect it from demolition, and showcasing artifacts like the Club Heaven sound system at the Detroit Historical Society and other venues. Through these initiatives plus archival practices, DSC aims to prove that Detroit is the most influential musical city in the world. To celebrate its 10-year milestone, the organization is hosting a night of intergenerational performances on Dec. 9, hosted at the UFO Factory. Performers include Duality/Detroit (Ian Finkelstein), My Detroit Players (too many dope artists to list), and very special guest DJs (the Detroit Sound Conservancy board). Tickets are available at Eventbrite for a donation of $20 (or more, if you feel so inclined).

Body Worx welcomes Ashton Swinton to Temple Bar: Dretraxx has been holding down his residency at Temple Bar for quite some time, bringing everything from minimal acid slammers to high-intensity jungle and more. For the next iteration of his Body Worx party on Saturday, Dec. 10, Dre will be joined by the inimitable Ashton Swinton, a staple in Detroit music playing frequently at TV Lounge, Marble Bar, and others. Dre always has a way of bringing the right angle of his own musical taste to suit the inclinations of his guests, so expect a high-octane back-to-back set that is sure to keep the dance floor pumping all night long. And hey, if you ever get tired or need a break, there’s always the pool table in the back and a nice new back patio to cool down at. At a price of $5 all night long, the party might be the best value in dance music on Saturday night, which will give you plenty of extra money to spend on Jell-O shots at the bar.

An intergenerational celebration at TV Lounge: In Detroit’s electronic music scene, it’s not often that multiple generations of talent can combine in a cohesive and mutually-respectful way. You can find great examples of course: Rick Wilhite playing with Deon Jamar at Motor City Wine, AK opening up for AMX at Boiler Room Detroit, and so forth. But with all that said, impressive feats of intergenerational collaboration are always worth celebrating, and The Culture x Freaquency’s party at TV Lounge on Friday, Dec. 2 was just that. Featuring the likes of DJ Cent and DJ Righteous in the front room, as well as artists such as Stardust, Hi-Tech, DJ Killa $quid, and Blackmoonchild in the big room, the vibe was so different across the two stages while still somehow remaining cohesive. The two rooms could have almost been marketed as two separate parties, and indeed in some cases they were, one can only hope that a few people trickled between the two spaces, curious about what the other side had to offer. Cross-pollination, baby!

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