Vision Crimes

Nov 29, 2012 at 10:51 am

Child Bite’s searing timbres and bent-up tones are wrought and wound-together with a delirious delicacy, as though each distorted riff and guitar-neck creeping crescendo were pliant copper-wiring tempered to their signature noise-rock deformities, to the point-of but just-barely-not, snapping apart at each swift hook.


Gnarly, knotty, hair-raising and hectic, but still structured: that’s Child Bite’s M.O., having honed a blend of metal, hardcore punk and noise-pop for five years now; on Vision Crimes seven haunts, though, there as close as ever, scarily so to perfecting it.  A chorus is still a chorus even if it sounds like an exorcist-esque convulsion of possessed effusions. These tempos will not wait for you and these roaring guitar chords aren’t concerned with traditional progressions nor shy from tilt-o-whirl key-changes. These are not call-in-response anthems emitting from the beastly voice of the balladeer.


This may be their most atmospheric adventure, but still, indelibly rhythmic with hyper-riled grooves.


Child Bite 10" Release Show ~ "the counterpart to 2011's Monomania" --- 12/15/12 @ The Old Miami -w/ Absolutely Free, Reverend, Haunted House