Video premier: Eddie Logix (ft. Mister & Ben Miles) "In The Meantime"

Nov 7, 2013 at 9:15 am

disco lights, old Playboys, scorched Twizzlers and some old timey dance-step instructions for the lindy-hop.”


That's what was promised, back in August, when Metro Times checked in with producer Eddie Logix, in his Viper Room studio, when their "#CoOwnaz" crew was then in pre-production planning stages for this music video "In The Meantime" -ft. Mister and Ben Miles. 

This single comes off of Logix' latest "quasi-compilation" "quasi-remix" album: Logix Plays Lykke Li... featuring a number of local rappers, including Doc Waffles, Charles Beans and SelfSays, spitting some substantially personal bars over reworked rhythm patterns from the Swedish indie-pop dynamo's recent albums.

Mister and Ben Miles trade off rhymes reiterating their own personal mission statements - why (they) rap! But, there's a confounding Cowboy and Indian adventure that crescendos to an elaborate inside joke involving lots of candles.

Take a look: