Usher is Snapchatting in Detroit and we are freaking out

Usher has the snaps to make your booty go *insert clapping noise*! 

That's right, people. U-S-H-E-R  R-A-Y-M-O-N-D is in town tonight because he is presenting an award tonight for the Ford Freedom Award ceremony that is taking place at the Fisher Music Center. Former Detroit Mayor Dave Bing and author Shaka Senghor and others will be honored at the event.

Usher is living his true Detroit self and is doing all the great touristy things that one should do when they visit the Motor City. If you look at his Snap story, he is feeling some type of way about all of the street art around Eastern Market neighborhood. All photos are via Ursher baby's glorious Snapchat. 


Look at him, just admiring the art. 

Look! The Eastern Market geotag! He's really here! 


We see what you did there, Usher. Ya nasty and we love it. 

Then, he continued his trip by checking out the Motown Museum, aka Hitsville, U.S.A.

Usher is Motown. I am Motown. We are all Motown. 

Is it bad that we want to add Drake sitting on top of that sign now? 

You know some famous songs were recorded in that studio.

So where will Usher go next before the award show tonight? Campus Martius? Heidelberg Project? Slows BBQ? 

Now go forth on your day and enjoy this throwback Usher thirst trap. 

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