Tudrick quits Rock, woofs up Bulldog

May 22, 2007 at 3:03 pm

Kenny Tudrick, the full-on Detroit rock ’n’ roll star who isn’t famous (yet), is officially off Kid Rock’s payroll. That’s right. The spindly, floppy-fringed guitar hero (yes, guitar hero) quit Kid’s slowing gravy-train ’cause, he says, he “had to.” Besides, we gotta ask, ain’t the ex-hit-making, George W.-supporter’s shtick getting, shall we say, a little long in the tooth?

Fuckin’-a, it is.

So what’s Tudrick doing? He’s back in his Bulldog fulltime (and doing short tour stints staffing the Detroit Cobras drum stool). The fab, MT-endorsed Bulldog — whose songs have an honest grace that recalls early-’70s Ian Matthews, Gram Parsons and The Band — are back. They’re so back in fact that they might be having a record release party soon for the self-titled and criminally ignored album that came out two years ago! And yeah, Black Crowes keys-man Eddie Harsch is in tow as is other ‘dog mainstay, pedal-steel hummer Pete Ballard.

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