We're still two-and-a-half weeks out from this but felt it was worth mentioning now so it doesn't get lost in the upcoming Blowout shuffle.

Local jack of all musical trades (and Dirtbombs bassist) Troy Gregory will be presenting World War Love -- a film he wrote and directed and has been working on for years -- at Cliff Bell's downtown on Sunday, March 14th, at 10 p.m. The film features a hodge-podge of local (and formerly local) musicians, gadflies and rock luminaries, ranging from Mick Collins and the late Nathaniel Mayer to Tony Muggs, Eugene Strobe, music scribe Jeff Milo and punk musician Kyle McBee. And, of course, Kim Fowley as The Shadow of Love!

The flick is described as "a dark comedy about three Detroit musicians returning to frazzled home lives in a world of masks and the self imposed drama of temporary realities. Teri Lynn has hit the limit with her neurotic party girl roommate. Perhaps the guy she met at the record store could take her away from this insanity. But will his obsession with the role playing game Unicorn Disease totally turn her off? Mary Alice needing some serenity time to work on her shadow puppets is disrupted by the sudden appearance of her eccentric sister that disappeared eleven years ago into a cave with a map from the hollow earth society. Who will be severely beaten? Troy Gregory plays with imaginary friends and stays drunk to avoid every aspect of a reality that terrifies him. Is it the end of the world? Again?"

Sound weird enough for you? Hey, it's gotta be at least as good as that recent ICP flick! An entire cast list and a trailer for the film is below:



Troy Gregory and The Stepsisters

Co- starring

Annie Paras

Todd Gregory

Aphrodite Nikolovski

Mike Walker



Nathaniel Mayer as The Beyond


Kim Fowley as The Shadow Of Love

Written and Directed by

Troy Gregory

with the assitance of

Todd Gregory


Jon Babich

Soundtrack by

Troy Gregory and The Stepsisters


Troy Gregory - Troy Gregory 23

Mary Alice - Mary Alice 13

Teri Lynn - Teri Lynn 7

Annie Paras - Annie

Todd Gregory - Mr. Tracy

Aphrodite Nikolovski - Molly

Mike Walker - Mike Unicorn

Maygun - She

Nathaniel Mayer - The Beyond

Kim Fowley - The Shadow Of Love

Mick Collins - Barnabus

Ko Shih - Tanya Wesley Harding

John Sparks - Master Of Ceremonies

Rick Mills - Host Of Pain

Tyler Spencer - Geddy Lightfoot

John Nash - Randy Roadz

Mathew Smith - Randy Caledonia

Kyle McBee- Randy Manteeth

Eugene Strobe - Randy Fiendish

Chris and Jamiel - Chris and Jamiel

Chris Tait - Randy Door Fella

Darren Grow - Randy Puss

Steve O Grimes - Randy Castles

Kerry Pryor - Toy Girl

Danielle Arsenault - Masturbation

Aimee Edwards - Rhoda Smokin O.P's

Magdalena Gos - Rhoda Burning Santa Claus

Tony Top Cat Ligget - Randy Fired

Stanley S. Komajda - Randy Sports Section

Paul Harris- Randy Space Cult

August - Randy Barkeep

Jon Babich - Juan

Sarah Sparkles - Rhoda Absinthe

Meaghan DeGrave - Rhoda Yourself

Scotty Hagen - Randy Finski Dribble

Lee - Randy Hungarian Ska

Carey Gustafson - Nancy and Sheila

Emily Gustafson - Nancy and Sheila

Andy Waino - Harvey

Jake - Irving Johnson

Mark Thomas Rayman - Dash Rip Rock

Greg - Horatio Winston Hawthorne the 3rd

Jared - The Uncompromising Franco Thor

Travis - Randy Would You Rather

Tracey Stevens - Trippin Dancer Rhoda

Spencer Cullum - Randy Whippets

Pat Kenneally - Randy Crack

Alex Sharp - Randy Poppers

Steve Palziseuic - Randy Medieval

Jeff Cullum - Randy Meth

Thomas Koch - Randy Outta Here

Kathleen Bittner - Rhoda Tyler Moore

T. Michelle Turner - Lust Almighty

Tony Muggs - Masked Randy

Justin Walken - Randy Maniac

Milan Filipec - Randy Problem

Bryan Brozowski - Randy Requiem

Wendy Mcleod - Rhoda Barrett

Carjack - Feline Monkee Boy

Jeff Milo - Lucifer Sams Club

Laura Gregory - Them Girl

The Monster - ?

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