Triggered Ted Nugent misses the point by calling for Obama statue to be taken down

Jun 18, 2020 at 3:07 pm
click to enlarge Shut the fuck up, Ted. - Doug James /
Doug James /
Shut the fuck up, Ted.

Incredibly, but long overdue, much of the world has recently turned its eyes to a global Black Lives Matter movement against police brutality, systemic racism, and patriarchy. For weeks, and despite a deadly pandemic, millions of people have been marching in the streets, toppling racist monuments, and pressuring corporations to stand with social justice — and the movement seems to finally be gaining traction in a way that previous movements had not.

Someone who is not on board is local asshat Ted Nugent, however, who, as usual, doesn't seem to have a clue.

Instead of self-reflecting on his own use of Confederate flag imagery or his own possible racist attitudes, the Motor City Madman is engaging in some deeply misguided whataboutism, writing in a Facebook post that he thinks a statue of Barack Obama and his daughter Malia should be removed.

"This offends me and I'm sure I speak for millions," he wrote on Thursday. "Can we tear this shit down?"

We think the Nuge should think about why the sight of a successful Black man offends him so much. And anyway, the tearing down of racist and problematic monuments isn't about people being offended — it's about rethinking what it says about our culture that we continue to glorify these things.

Plus, if merely being perceived as "offensive" was enough of a reason to tear shit down, the Motor City Madman would have no career — that's his whole thing.

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