Dec 15, 1999 at 12:00 am

Just as hip hop has found its way to white suburbia, trance has toddled off from its cradles in Goa and Ibiza to equally dubious destinations. In Israel, trance is turning into bubblegum music. In the Far East, it scores the consumer fetishism of young Asians, putting their new wealth on display in glitzy clubs.

Yet, if there's still such a thing as pure trance left, it can be heard on this collection. Not since Paul Oakenfold's smash mix, Tranceport, has a collection stormed so well for so long.

Darey has wisely broken the set into two parts. The first puts you on the dance floor of amnesia, lost in an epiphany of swirling arpeggios, monstrous beats and soaring heroic melodies. Tears of joy well in your eyes as you pull close the tanned French goddess swaying in front of you. Tracks from Solar Stone, Agnelli & Nelson, Art of Trance and Lost Witness pulse seamlessly together, ratcheting up the euphoria until Darey delivers the first of many climaxes with his own track, "Liberation."

The second disc tends more toward a hybrid of house and trance, particularly near the end of the set. Ibiza purists will be vexed by the soul diva histrionics, but American listeners will no doubt welcome a kick from the old school. A keeper.