Tracing the tracks

Boom and the Legion of Doom

"Hate to Love, Love to Hate" 7-inch (Depression Records, 1986)

"Detroit" b/w "Skate Thrash Grind" 7-inch (Depression Records, 1987)

Detroit LP (Depression Records, 1989)

Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh! The Record, a 7-inch comp with more than 40 bands performing more than 60 songs (Slap a Ham Records, 1991).


"Soulful Moaning" Single (Futuristic Records, 1995)

Dr. Feel Good CD (Independent, 1998)

Cadillac Dale CD (Independent, 2001)

Shock Therapy

Shock Therapy LP (Metro American, 1985; Fundemental, 1985)

My Unshakable Belief LP/CD (Fundemental, 1987)

Touch Me and Die LP/CD (Fundemental, 1989)

Cancer LP/CD (Fundemental, 1990)

Hate is a Four Letter Word CD (Dossier, 1991)

The Great Confuser LP/CD (Dossier, 1991)

Adventures in Good Music (Dossier, 1992)

Just Let Go (The Dark Years 1986-1992) CD (Dossier, 1992)

The Many Face of Hate CD (Dossier, 1993)

Heaven and Earth CD (Dossier, 1994)

Santa’s Little Helper: Rarities … (AM Music, 1994)

God CD (Dossier, 1996)

I Can’t Let Go CD (AM Music, 1996)

X-Tinct Soundtrack CD (Blank Your Mind, 1997)

No Fear of Death CD (AM Music, 1997)

The Past Life - Outtakes and Lost Memories CD (Dossier, 1999)

Majesty Crush

"Sunny Pie" 7-inch (Vulva Recordings, 1991)

Fan EP CD (Vulva Recordings, 1992)

"Grow" 7-inch (Davies Productions, 1992)

Love Fifteen CD (Dali/Elektra, 1992)

Sans Muscles EP CD (Vulva Recordings, 1994)

"If JFA Were Still Together" 7-inch (Che, 1995)

Majesty Crush Detroit limited edition, vinyl-only (Vulva Recordings, 1996)

The Look

We’re Gonna Rock LP (Plastic Records, 1981)

Look Again LP (Quality Records, 1982)

Everybody’s Acting LP (Fantasy Records, 1984)

Look Who’s Rockin CD (Scorpion Records,1997)

A Collection for the Record CD (Scorpion Records, 2001, 2003)

Forced Anger

Pent Up cassette (self-released, 1985)

Pent Up/Summer of Hate cassette (self-released tape, 1987)

Maniacs from the Motor City comp (44 Caliber Records, 1989)

Inside Out

Take You Apart, Put You Back Together LP (Meantime Records UK, 1990)

Do It Yourself Nose Job EP Vinyl (Meantime Records UK, 1990)

She’s Lost Her Head LP CD (Meantime Records UK, 1990)

Cesspool of Fate/ Mirrors 7-inch (Icon Records, 1991)

Mine To Forget/Blood Red Smile Tattoo 7-inch (Anti-Music Records, 1993)

Detroit Underground Series 3 LP/CD comp (Zahmbee Karlt, 1995)

Motor City’s Burning Volume 1 CD (Alive/Total Energy /Bomp,1998)

Walter White/Rick Margitza Quintet

No recordings released

The Atomic Numbers

Flying Machine EP CD (Brave Recordings, 1997)

Get the Hell Out of Hamtown sound track CD (Planet Ant, 1999)

Electro-Motive CD (Sid Flips, 2000)


The Smile Gets Wild LP/CD (Bryant Records, 1989)

Lyrics By Smiley CD (Bryant-Ichiban Records, 1990)

The Rhythm of Life CD (Bryant-Ichiban Records, 1991)

Angry Red Planet

Too Much Knowledge..." (Angry Red Records, 1983)

Gawker’s Paradise (Touch and Go Records, 1985)

Little Pigs (Angry Red Records, Double A Records, 1987)

"Give ’em Enough Dope" (Double A Records, 1989)


An uncredited appearance on "Amp Error" (Ectomorph version), a John Krok track from Interdimensional Transmissions from Beyond’ (Interdimensional Transmissions Records, 1998).

Appeared on an untitled Ectomorph track on the Variations comp (Science City, 1998).


Watershed & Hoarse EP CD (Idol Records, 1996)

Hoarse Live EP CD promo only (RCA Records, 1997)

Happens Twice LP CD (RCA Records, 1997)

Writing and research: Brian Smith, Khary Kimani Turner, Michael Jackman, W.K. Heron, Chris Handyside, Walter Wasacz and Eve Doster. Send comments to [email protected]
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