Touch The Clouds - 'Ara'

Aug 11, 2013 at 9:28 am


"...I see the fading summer light..."

Summer’s almost gone and all the big albums seem like they’ve dropped.

But, we found one more potential anthem for you before August exits.

Nomads,” off of Touch The Clouds latest EP, finely frames that nervous-energy incited by how fleeting the season’s sweltered, spurring magic can be; edgy and yearning with its guitar riffs mimicking an accelerating coupe’s revving engine, steaming along a starlit road, packed with gear, a quick little tune, here and gone before you know it, proto-emo-rock revivalist’s ballad belting out restless words that can’t go to sleep yet seem sure nothing lasts.

Particularly summer.

With tantrum guitar riffs and rolling rhythms and exertive, soaring rhythms, Touch The Clouds are a straightforward guitar-bass-drum strike of ominous angst undercut with embracing, summery hooks – that transitory glimpse when post-hardcore started fizzling in the not-yet-mid-90’s and pre-emo started actualizing in the not-quite-yet-late-90’s

A more rigid pop/rock, getting-in, knocking it around for about 3-minutes and slamming it shut.

That sounds like an ideal live musical manifestation for what could be one of your last summer concerts.

Hear their new EP (Touch The Clouds - bandcamp)

See them live: August 16th at the Magic Stick (info below)