Top Tens, Top Tins.

Jan 3, 2007 at 11:44 am

From The Lists!, our final word on local and national music in 2006:

"I'll sit right down on your face/And take a shit!" My girl Natalie Portman rocked 2006's best lyric back in March on "No More Questions," her sick-hilarious Saturday Night Live digital short. And that was in a year when the show's shorts ("Lazy Sundy," "Dick in a Box") helped continue the migration of the musical conversation from radio, print and trad promotion to the user-generated shoutfest of the online space. There was Gnarls Barkley and "Crazy" too, a song that began on the Web before finding a home in all our hearts; there was also 'caine-hop (Clipse, Fishscale, Jeezy, etc.), and rock 'n' roll still fighting the good fight at the rear. A lot of source material was spread even thinner in 2006; by 2007, we might be forced to make lists of our top ten ringtones, instead of real albums. And locally there were farewells (Dilla, Proof), shtick on fumes (Kid Rock), rock triumphs (the Fags, Hard Lessons) and promise on the lunatic fringe (Odd Clouds, Wolf Eyes). But for now we have the top tens (and tins) of 2006 from Metro Times' music writers and contributors, and there are plenty of gems, trends and good memories in the bunch. Add these lists to the pile on your table.

Oh, and a word of advice for 2007: Portman'll kill your dog for fun, so don't push her. —Johnny Loftus