Thursday Blowout Recap/Notes

Mar 4, 2011 at 10:36 am
Hello! Would you like to hear the joke that was on my Laffy Taffy wrapper this morning (candy for breakfast!)?

Q: What's the most important instrument at Blowout?

A: A fucking watch.

Ho, ho ho.. but seriously... What the hell, Blowout venues? You've done this before right? I think most of you have! I got to Atlas Bar right at 9pm to see Cheat Sheet, and it didn't look like anybody was even thinking about starting. It turns out they weren't since the band didn't start until 9:20pm. I liked what I heard - two guys doing sloppy 90's influenced indie rock, but I left after two songs feeling annoyed.

Next up was Kelly's Bar for Ypsilanti's Royale. For such a seemingly dive-ish bar they had amazingly good sound and the type of lighting system you'd see at a real venue. Royale was good - kind of reminded me of a more commercially accessible Jeff Buckley. Though it is possible nobody cares but me, I'd like to give a shout-out to their drummer for his excellent sounding toms. One of the guys in the band was playing an instrument I've never seen before. It looked like a cross between a leaf blower, an accordian and what I always imagine a Scientology E-Meter looks like. If anybody knows what the hell that was, please help a girl out.

I then headed over to the Painted Lady to see Waxgordon to get my big bald guys screaming into the mic punk fix. They were awesome. The crowd was surprisingly tame for a band that seemed to suggest, "Tear this place apart" with each note they played. At one point lead vocalist/guitarist Pete actively suggested people break shit, but with the caveat of "but not shit that looks expensive." That's the kind of prudent advice only a veteran punk rocker can dispense. Blowout WIN.

Tied with Waxgordon for Thursday night Blowout WIN was Cold Men Young at the Belmont. Not ONLY did they start RIGHT on time, but they killed it. Backed by a live band (Detroit's soul-and-funk-fluent House Phone) the four dudes of Cold Men Young seemed like they were having a blast and sounded totally on point. Super clever and tight, I want to go see these guys again. In fact, I want to see them on a bill with Waxgordon. And House Phone. All bands should do what I want.

Tonight's weather report - treacherous! I'm preparing for Xtreme Weather Blowout. Yesterday was cold and icy (only saw one hipster fall ass-over-apple-cart in front of Paychecks) today should be WET and icy! Whoo! In the spirit of collaboration, I think the Metro Times and the city of Hamtramck should coordinate next year. Blowout bracelet purchasers would get some sort of a discount or drink voucher if they donate a container of ice melt. The sidewalks would be safe for Blowout and Hamtramck would save some of the money it does not have for snow and ice removal! It's a total win-win, yes?