Thoughts from Intern Bill

MT has a great staff of volunteers helping us run Blowout every year. Here are some thoughts from one of our longest running volunteers and Detroit music lover, intern Bill Cheek. ---Maria Stella Jewett, Marketing Director

You feel it coming. It’s been a year of watching our government screech to a halt, more of our friends lose their jobs, their houses, and their friends to other states; But Eve will rescue us again. We yawn as we awaken from our winter hibernation because we could only afford to see a few of our favorite bands lately. Our hearts are pumping; Blowout's coming. We trade our boring winter white in the suburbs for the dirt and the noise and the people of Hamtramck. Most of the exurban grazers we know don’t understand, but we get it. Blowout’s here. Running from KOG to catch the next set at the Atlas, then hearing something beautiful leaking out the door of the Whiskey and stopping to let Audra Kubat’s lyrical voice chill you out for just a moment; -- a welcome reprieve from the chaos. Seeing your friends and their friends as we watch Randy Chabot surprise us with even greater music than last year. “Dude, did you hear that set at Kelly’s/Small’s/Jean’s? OMFG!” Finding that new band or singer or guitar player or drummer that reminds you why you fell in love with music. For one week anyway, everything’s gonna be all right. Here we go again!

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