Feb 11, 2009 at 12:35 pm

MT's own Wonder Twins attended ETC's Unplugged Detroit II at the Lager House last Saturday night, February 7th. Here are their thoughts...

This is Unplugged Detroit II! Did you go to the first one?

Laura: I did -- it was great.

D: Did it have the same lineup?

L: Nope -- totally different.

D: Hadn’t we seen Carjack before?

L: I have -- I don't recall you being there. Stop trying to live vicariously through me. You did see Electric Fire Babies at Summer Smash, though -- he's in that.

D: Okay. Got it. His music is much different, uh, “plugged,” yes?

L: Yes -- more electronic. Also with small children dressed as make-shift Power Rangers punching each other. But he was fun acoustic -- my favorite part of his set was his Beck cover, "Asshole" from One Foot In the Grave? Hell, yes!

D: The refrain from his song "You hide in my stereo" keeps popping in my head. I think that first one was a love song to Ric Ocasek.

L: Most likely all his songs are.

D: Deastro's set was really short. Too short, I think!

L: I agree! Really awesome, though. I loved the banjo. Like Sufjan Stevens but less 50 states obsessed.

D: I loved the acoustic versions of "Shaded Forest" and "Spritle." I think it's indicative of what a good songwriter Deastro is that his songs can work with a laptop or with just an acoustic guitar.

L: So true. Also, what a great crowd turn out -- considering there were about 200 other shows in the area that night.

D: A good turnout, but too loud.

L: Yeah -- not that I'm totally surprised that drunk people would shout at the top of their lungs to hear each other over the music, but they really missed out on some stellar sets by choosing the sound of their own slurred voices.

D: I don't think it was limited to just drunk people. It seemed that the vast majority of people there would just not shut the fuck up.

L: If the talking's too loud, you're too old! That's the expression, right?

D: No, that is not the expression.

L: At the same time, I am equally frustrated and irritated by shows where everybody sits on the floor all quiet-like as if they're in kindergarten. So I can't be pleased.

D: I don't expect people to be silent at shows, but I guess I do expect a certain level of respect for the artists. I am old. Anyway, Mick Bassett played next. Unlike Deastro, I felt like his set was too long.

L: I had stepped away to look at the awesome craft wares during the latter half of his set. But I must say I like his voice, and that he wasn't shy about saying "Fuck you" to the person who yelled something about Bob Dylan.

D: I thought that response was well placed and well timed. And, yes, I like his voice. I'd be very interested to hear him singing more interesting lyrics. Though his song about eating at Red Robin with a prostitute is a start.

L: Well, write about what you know –- that’s what they say. Speaking of crafts, the notebook you wrote in that very night came from one of the vendors, no?

D: Yes, the notebook I wrote in was made by Comfortably Lovely and given to me by Angela Allen. It has Dolly Parton on the front. :)

L: Dolly Parton notebooks are a sure sign of journalistic integrity.

D: No doubt. And a sign of musical integrity is a cover of Danzig's "Mother."

L: Yes! Thank you Ryan and Lizzie of Friendly Foes for that. Their set was the highlight for me. But I think I've made it clear enough that I would totally gay marry that whole band.

D: You would only have to gay marry Lizzie. You could regular marry Brad. And poly-marry Ryan.

L: Well... never mind. I don't want to split hairs on this issue.

D: One thing I noticed while they were doing "Mother" was that both Ryan and Glen Danzig are short. Coincidence?

L: Yes. Ryan is way buffer than Glen Danzig and could easily beat him in a fair fight.

D: Though Danzig would have Satan on his side. So I don't think a fight with him could ever be fair.

L: True. We had to leave when the Hard Lessons brought a tree on stage.

D: Yes. I heard that the tree sang their whole set. I'm sad to have missed that. They took "Unplugged" to a whole new "green" level.

L: They're always one step ahead.

D: Probably nobody talked during their set. Because of the tree. And the surprise of it. And because Glen Danzig showed up and challenged Ryan to a fight. But they just hugged it out.

L: Right. You always make me miss the good parts. Thanks a lot!

Laura and D’Anne Witkowski are freelance writers who go to shows and then talk about them. They also have been known to do a stellar karaoke “Copacabana” duet on occasion. They love Detroit plugged or unplugged.

Ryan, Lizzie and Brad: Awaiting the mighty Danzig...?