Sep 29, 2008 at 11:10 am

This past Friday night, our own Wonder Twins -- D’Anne and Laura Witkowski --attended the Friendly Foes' CD release gala at the Berkley Front. There was cake. There were cupcakes. There were streamers. There were paper lanterns hanging from a ceiling badly in need of a good dusting. In other words, it was a rock 'n' roll show that would've made Wesley Willis proud (may God rest his soul). They report. Because they can.

Laura: First of all, I would like to say mad props on the commemorative Friendly Foes Blingee.

D’Anne: Thank you. But I take issue with calling it “commemorative.” The Friendly Foes are very much alive.

L: I just meant in commemoration of their CD release show. Is that improper usage?

D: Don’t embarrass yourself.

L: Hmm. How long did it take you to do that?

D: Let’s move on.

L: So, the Berkley Front. That’s where we were, right?

D: What? Did you black out? Yes, that’s where we were. I had a really fun time at the show.

L: Me, too. I’d been looking forward to it for a long time. I think their new album is really, really good. And they are one of my favorite bands to see live.

D: They are super fun. I really loved the openers, the Big Mess. Very Whiskeytown-esque. Scott Allen is Detroit’s Ryan Adams. Not to be confused with his brother Ryan Allen [of Friendly Foes], of course.

L: The whole show was a family affair. Ryan and Scott’s dad was there and we got to meet him. Ryan’s wife Angela made the cake and cupcakes. [Bassist] Lizzie’s husband [Christian Doble] played with his band, Copper Thieves

D: It was cool how into each other’s bands Ryan and Scott were. Ryan was right up front rocking out to the Big Mess and Scott was right up front for the Foes.

L: There’s some rock 'n' roll brotherly love there, for sure.

D: Brad Elliott [of the Foes] is my favorite drummer. I’ve decided.

L: This is a very wise decision.

D: He gets super sweaty when he plays. That’s the hallmark of a good drummer, I think. That and black spandex shorts.

L: He does not wear black spandex shorts. Thank God.

D: I didn’t say he was perfect.

L: I had a little twinge of disappointment and regret when the Foes finished their set because they hadn’t played “Rush the Land” yet. I love that song. I’m glad they came back out and played it. To me, it sounds like a long lost Jam song, but one in which they say “motherfucker” a lot.

D: Probably it’s directed at you.

L: That doesn’t even work with the words, D’Anne. The words are, “Don’t let those motherfuckers hold you down, 'cause you don’t want those motherfuckers comin’ around.”

D: Well, you are widely seen as an embodiment of “the Man.” I’m just saying.

L: I don’t think that is accurate. Or even remotely true.

D: Remember when Lizzie told you that she had a dream about you? And that you were naked and violent in it?

L: Oh no, that is not what she said!

D: Oh, sorry. It was really loud and hard to hear.

L: That is no excuse for your horribleness. She did say I was in her dream, but I played a fairly benign role. No nudity. No violence.

D: Maybe next time.

L: Shut up. That’s not funny at all. Her husband’s going to beat me up.

D: Again, it’s not nice to say "shut up." And if her husband fights like he plays bass guitar, you are in big trouble.

L: Well, Copper Thieves did have a song about getting into a fight

D: I don’t think John [Nelson, Copper Thieves guitarist] would beat you up.

L: I don’t think he would, either. I really like Copper Thieves. They kind of reminded me of a less sprawling Built To Spill. We saw Copper Thieves play for all of, what? Ten seconds during Detour Rock City? So it was nice to get to see them do a full set.

D: I don’t really think Christian [the aforementioned Doble of Copper Thieves] is violent. He likes to embroider.

L: Yes. He created the Friendly Foes album cover and it is awesome. It really is one of the best covers I’ve seen in a long time. In a day and age when digital music has kind of taken the art out of album covers, it’s nice to see a band do something really cool like that.

D: Christian is crafty. Also, he seems like a nice guy, so you probably have nothing to worry about.

L: This I think is true. And he and I are both in agreement about Sarah Palin being evil incarnate. Speaking of which, Friendly Foes are the only band I would have missed the presidential debates for on Friday.

D: You would have missed for Morrissey, too.

L: Ha! I was actually just thinking that.

D: I know. We’re twins. --D’Anne and Laura Witkowski

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