The untold story of Detroit hip hop and potentially embarassing Eminem footage

May 19, 2011 at 9:37 am
Public Enemy mastermind and mouthpiece Chuck D narrates this trailer of an upcoming film about the halcyon days of Motor City rap and it shows, among other things,  hilarious shots of a very young Eminem picking his nose and hanging with then-tutor Champtown and sporting a mini high top fade. The five-minute trailer also claims the doc has an inside scoop on rapper Proof's death and money that's supposedly owed him from his arena-filling days in D12. The theme of the film appears to center on the idea that Detroit's the white rap capital of the world (it is), and its stars (Eminem, ICP and Kid Rock) rose on the backs of black artists. Look for appearances from the Blackman, Awesome Dre, Detroit's Most Wanted, Jack Frost, Esham, Boss, Fed X, Rodney L, Champtown and many others.