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You may have read several rumors on the Internets today that James McConnell and Marc Fellis are leaving the Go and being replaced by drummer Ben and guitarist-singer Danny Kroha of the Readies.

Well, here's the official scoop: No truth to that rumor whatsoever. Says the Go's Bobby Harlow: "Jim and Marc have not quit the band. Dan and Ben will be performing with John [Krautner] and me on Halloween night [in a band they're calling the Haunted Beat Band]. That's an entirely different thing from the Go, though."

As we posted here last month, the Go is releasing a double album on that same day -- Halloween, to be exact...and we can hardly wait. The October 31 gig is at the Magic Stick, with doors at 9 p.m.

ADDENDUM: Despite what we heard to the contrary, the Go will not be performing at the Halloween show, even though it is their record release party. According to an e-mail we received from John Krautner late Friday night: "The Haunted Beat Band will be headlining the night so that Readies fans and Go fans can see something different -- and we promise not to disappoint. It may seem like we're going out on a limb...but according to Will Rogers, that's where the fruit is. I'm very excited to be playing alongside Dan Kroha, someone I've had a great respect for since I got into Detroit music." According to John, the Haunted Beat Band is a side project for all involved and the Go itself is still intact.

The possible good news about the band that we kept threatening to publish here once it was official didn't pan out (at least for now) so no reason to reveal it at this point.

However, in other Go news, Bobby and partner Krautner have been approached by a film producer to be featured on their own reality TV show. No kidding! Described as "a glimpse into the lives of a Detroit songwriting team -- how they survive; deal with ups and downs of the industry; all the drama, desperation and triumph," the show is still in the planning stages. But the dudes have agreed to do the pilot for the series -- why the hell not? -- although there is no guarantee the show will be picked up as of right now.

Finally, Harlow is heading into Tempermill Studio in December to produce the full-length debut album by hot Detroit up-'n'-comers, the Pizazz. Speaking of December, the band has recorded and released a Christmas single titled "Christmas on the Moon." You can hear it by clicking here...

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