The Sights! Tour Diary! Words & Pictures! Zany! Entry No. 1: Camaraderie

(Ed.  This is a first tour-diary entry in series of mad, action-packed (mis) adventures to be captured by Eddie Baranek, the articulate front man of Detroit's rock 'n' roll torchbearers, The Sights. The quintet was, you'll note, personally selected by Jack Black to support Tenacious D on their U.S. tour.  Look for fetching Instagram photos from some dude called Shades. )


What's up Internet world? I am writing a tour diary for the band I sing and play guitar in--The Sights. The journey began this morning, with the actual preparation starting months earlier. But here I am, in a van with others who look and smell like me, and already it feels Iike home.

I was speaking with my uncle about his service in Vietnam at a family party recently and he conveyed the importance of camaraderie. That camaraderie is such an important aspect of touring, and I can feel it here with me now (even though a few of these guys met each other this morning).

So what has today brought us? Well, we met our first character of the tour. Our first stop was just outside of Chicago to pick up my Sears Silvertone amp from Schmocco (from here on all characters of the tour will be 'schmomebody ' to protect privacy). His watermelon left on the porch says something about the way he eats... And how he repairs amps. Dude finishes the job.

We also played a game of Beatle-themed Monopoly. We quit midway through, and Skip needs to learn how to barter properly. A thousand dollars for some property? Uh, right.

So here I am, a few hours outside of St. Louis, shirtless and awkwardly typing on an iPad for the first time and I feel like my father with his calloused hands trying to do something deft. We just heard the local 88.3 FM high school station play a few Misfits songs prefaced with a Clone Defects tune. The chick DJ even messed up and restarted a song. Classic. But good to hear some local homeboys getting some love outside of Detroit.

All the best,


Current tour weight: 131 lbs ( but I've been snacking all day)

Photos by Shades

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