The Sights Tour Diary No. 9: Cali's in the Rearview, For Now; Plus, The Boys Take Oakland and Baranek Gives Props to the Babysitter.

May 27, 2012 at 11:30 am

Well, California is behind us as we just entered Oregon for tonight's gig in Bend with the D. I'd like to revisit a taste of the last few days' highs.

First off, I'd like to give our tour manager Shades props for being strict on the departure time. Getting all the clowns roped in and ready to go is no easy task and for that I am grateful. If you're in the band and reading this, get your ass up earlier to shower.

Before we leave California, let's leave with this: I got to spend a few days with my sister Kim and her woman Amber.

They let me crash in their hotel room in Santa Barbara, crash in their home in Alameda, took care of me and overall got me away from the circus/clown car for awhile. In my last post I mentioned those moments you share and how sometimes only those that were there fully understand. I had one of those best moments ever with my sister when we were watching this 3-year-old girl in a dress chase the pigeons in Dolores Park in San Francisco. The girl was laughing and loving life, and I thought about when Kim and I (and my other sister Becky) were all young and now Beck has kids-- the innocence. The few days I got to spend with sis and sis-in-law reminds me how much I miss them and how much they rule.

The Oakland show at the Fox Theater went well, and our friend JC Hall came. Always good to see that man, believe me. Early morning after the Oakland gig we played a Mutiny Radio show in the Mission. The piano there was tuned a half step sharp (higher), so I tuned my acoustic to the piano's tuning.

Something tells me the piano wasn't the only thing higher that day. Dean had to transpose the key of each song on the fly in his head while playing sax. Dude did a great job.

Our day off was spent walking around the Mission. Kyle and I ate at a Salvadorian restaurant--Skip refused, instead he ate an 11 dollar club Sammy next door and came in our place after to complain about it.

And so tonight we're back with the D, and tomorrow we hook up with the original Sights' bass player, Mark Leahey, in Portland.

All the best,


Current tour weight (unknown, kinda regret posting on day one without updating along the way)


Photos by Shades