The Sights Tour Diary Entry No. 20: Congrats Philly, You're the Home of the Cheesesteak

Congrats Philly, You're the Home of the Cheesesteak...

I am in Brooklyn feeling kinda sticky after just loading in. Yesterday was a jam packed day.

We woke up in Hoboken after staying with friends and showed up late in Lake Como to our WRAT-FM session with Keith Roth. No worries, as we found out, 'cos Keith was late as hell too. Keith is another in a long line of sweet dudes and Sights' supporters. He hosts the Electric Ballroom and reminds me of Ricky Rat or Brian Smith back home. We talk about mutual friend Nitebob, and I know if he is Nitebob approved then we've no worries. We play a handful of songs acoustic and do an entertaining (for me, at least) interview. I get the genuine feeling Keith is a fan and it makes me feel good.

We then trek to Philly, where we play Festival Pier at Penn's Landing on the water. There is a threat of thunderstorms lurking in the air, and it is hot as hell. I take some me time to lay down and listen to the Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins record. I love her lyrics, and her phrasing is perfect.

The Tenacious D production manager says we are the middle band tonight, and we get a 45-minute set (as opposed to the usual 30) tonight. The opener, Front Bottoms go on, and then it's our turn. It's hot out, people are anxious for the D, and there are a few hecklers again. This time, though, I am prepared.

They spew a few sentences and I am right back at them, shutting them up. Tonight we killed, and every guy on that stage delivered. It's fun as hell, and we end our set with a cover of "Well Well Well" by John Lennon. I am over my heckler hurdle, and I keep in mind how much I got paid for those guys to heckle me.

For those guys to pay $65 to watch me be me. I've been used to that my whole life, so how is this any different? The majority of the crowd was into us, and I got huge compliments walking into the crowd afterward.

Jarrod just showed me a few negative comments on our Facebook page, and I find that funny that some clown took the time to write we suck. I remember my first time signing onto the Internet.

In the past few days the D and their crew have been very warm with us, and it has not gone unnoticed. They help us if we need repairs, we exchange Lebowski quotes, and I feel welcome on their turf/tour. In the past, The Sights would be direct support for big tours and we were pretty good at not giving a shit about the stars and their crew. We just didn't care. I know people respect us for that, but I am older now and it is just the mature guy in me who knows what's best. So when the few in the D crowd heckle, it's great when the D crew applaud me for giving the crowd their shit right back at them. I feel at home with them.

Since I'm in shout out mode, these guys in the van with me have been great. With every gig the showmanship has gotten more insane and fun to be a part of. You can inhale the sense that this group is a great band to be in. Beyond that, Shades has been solid as hell keeping it all together. That's not easy when you mix alcohol, differing personalities, and a boy named Skip. But this time around, we're showing up early to every (well, almost) gig and radio show. Thanks guys.

All the best,


Current tour morale: happy as hell


Photos by Shades

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