The Power Of Beef

Sep 8, 2004 at 12:00 am

You can take your Motorhead, bind ’n’ blindfold ’em, and dump ’em somewhere out in the desert where nobody but the buzzards will ever find ’em. You can take your Fugs and Godz, wheel ’em outta the old folks home, and push ’em over the edge of a cliff and put ’em outta their misery. You can take your Brides Of Destruction and Velvet Revolvers, scalpel their scrotums, and make them all anatomically correct.

In fact, you can take every self-proclaimed American badass you can find because they’re all going down under the fangs of the newest ’n’ meanest dog in the yard, the Pigmy Love Circus.

And just so you can ID them for the cops after you get stomped, here’s who to finger: Michael Savage (vocals), Peter Fletcher (guitars), E. Shepherd Stevenson (bass) and Dan Carey (drums). Yeah, that’s right, the same Dan Carey from Tool. He also produced this little escape party, as well.

So whether they’re philosophically pondering the meaning of life (“I have never seen no evil like this! Buncha zombies walkin’ around full of vinegar and piss! My teeth’s all got knocked out on a barroom floor! I take my comfort on the street from some old whore!”) or pursuing their day jobs just like any other hardworking citizen (“Keep your distance, you lowlife scum! Keep your distance, I’m packin’ a gun! I’m on a drug run to Fontana!”), PLC’s The Power Of Beef is the brutally bludgeoning future of heavy badass rock ’n’ roll.

Trust me, these guys can play a guitar just like wringin’ a neck.

Jeffrey Morgan writes about music for Metro Times. Send comments to [email protected].