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Naming a band can be an arduous task. The moniker a band gives itself will ultimately convey an idea to their listener about what the music will sound like even before they’ve heard a note. Interestingly, this does not explain why the guys in "Slobberbone" decided to give their terrific band such an extraordinarily lousy name. For some unknown reason, each of the real bands or performers listed below decided to name themselves something that is a little off the beaten path. Below is a document featuring a list of the funny band names that we have been keeping a running tally on. —Zac Johnson, AMG


Bubble Puppy

Honest Bob and the Factory to Dealer Incentives

Temporary Darkening Of The Stool

Yoko Homo

Blind Lemon Pledge


The Four Foodgroups of the Apocalypse

Man Scouts of America

The Ska Baios

Mike Love Not War

Horny Hombres

Harry Chronic Jr.

Shit Pants John

Small Fish With Spine

Diaper Gym

Diddle Dumpling Diddle

Butterscotch Tuna

Captain Groovy and His Bubblegum Army

Anus the Menace

Three Orange Whips

The Whistlebinkies

The Amazing Shitheads

Ben Folds Laundry

Freddie Kaboodleschnitzer

Spam Grenades

Shower Scene From Psycho

King Uszniewicz and His Uszniewicztones

Lee Harvey Keitel

Get The Hell Out of the Way of the Volcano

Tight Bros. from Way Back When

The Inaliable Right to Eat Fred Astaire’s Ass

Bad Tuna Experience

Shag Motor Pony

White Courtesy Telephone

The Four Freshmen of the Apocalypse

Stark Naked and the Car Thieves

Onward Crispin Glover

Jive Talking Robots

Chick Crumpacker

The Little Blue Crunchy Things

Ass Baboons of Venus

This Bike Is A Pipebomb

Blood Sledge Electric Death Chickens

Heisenberg’s Uncertain Tea Principle

The Cockadoodle Dudes

MC Glockamolie

Reagan’s Polyp

Green Milk From Planet Orange

Fat Jon, The Ample Soul Physician

Joan of Arse

Jelly Roll Moron

Reality D. Blipcrotch

I Can Lick Any Son Of A Bitch In The House

Shirley Temple of Doom

It Bites

Mother Mallard’s Portable Masterpiece Company

Ugly Mustard

Ashtray Babyhead

Fourteen Iced Beers

Pinhead Gunpowder

Chester Copperpot

Ed’s Redeeming Qualities

Brothers From Other Mothers

Bucky Weiner

Rich Kids on LSD

Chuckle Butt

Mussolini Headkick

Sweep The Leg Johnny

Couch of Eureka

Lost T-Shirt of Atlantis

Nine Inch Elvis

Ed Banger & the Nosebleeds

Shock Headed Peters


Herculon Velveteen

Bon Von Wheelie

Drimble Wedge

Splat Winger

Giggling Heap

Hoaky Hickel

Smokin’ Lord Toot

Uncle Klickie

Richard Smoker

Ray Strange

Garth Vader

Mario Speedwagon

Parker Squirt

Barak Schmool

Sookie Sook

Doc Sausage

Emerson Scabby Robe

Riff Rudfinn

Tex Sattershite

Hindenburgo V. Borges Pereira

Wee Willie Reefer

Sprocket J. Royer

Lola Poobash

Stickey Sky-Juice

Boomer Oinkwell

Moishe Oysher

Diamond Wookie

Army Of The Twenty Three Monkeys

Beer For Dolphins

Poptart Monkeys

Humpy Bong


Thick Nickel McPickus

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