The MC5 wants to borrow your MC5 memorabilia for 50th anniversary exhibit in Lincoln Park this July

Mar 6, 2015 at 12:41 pm

Got any amazing bits of memorabilia hidden in your attic or hanging in your record room? The Lincoln Park Historical Museum would like to borrow it this summer, for an exhibition honoring groovy rock and roll combo the Motor City Five's fiftieth anniversary.

On the Facebook page set up for the event, it's stated that "To augment the museum's own catalog of items, we seek loans from collectors of original items from the band's days in Detroit, at the Grande, on tour, including photographs. All loans will be properly acknowledged in the exhibit, which runs from the first week of July to Labor Day weekend (with the opening reception the evening of Sat July 11th). Please contact us if you are interested in helping with this anniversary project. 313-386-3137, [email protected], or through this page. Thank you."

In an informative article for the Downriver paper the News-Herald, Ryan Dunn writes that curator Jeff Day "is looking for MC5 memorabilia and material for the exhibit. Leni Sinclair, wife of former MC5 manager and poet John Sinclair, has loaned rare photographs of the band to the museum. He said he is specifically looking for items that show the group’s ties to Lincoln Park, such as high school photos. 'It’s important for us to approach it from an angle of their early history,' Day said. 'I’ve talked to some local fellas here who went to high school with them and played ball with them. I’d like to show who these guys were and where they came from.'"

So whether you played ball with them, your grandfather played ball with them, or you've just been lucky enough to get your hands on super rare artifacts relating to the early days of this amazing proto-punk band, please get in touch with them!