The ladies are painted at Blowout Day 3

It’s very strange to think that the Saturday evening of Blowout is done, and we’re only halfway through this great beautiful thing. Apparently, some people still can’t get a handle on the whole expansion thing and have been clinging to the idea that Blowout is ditching Hamtramck. This weekend proved that nothing could be further from the truth. Silly, silly sausages.

Mind you, the weekend has been messing with my head. On three separate occasions, I walked up to people and said hi, thinking it was someone I knew, and it was somebody else. The final time, it turned out to be the singer from Muck & the Mires and not a buddy of mine. No matter, my overly warm greeting to him will have just left him with a great impression of Hamtramck, Detroit and Blowout. His Boston-based band is great too – all ‘50s rock ’n’ roll swings and twists, hi-energy, suits and sunglasses.

Zombie Jesus & the Chocolate Sunshine Band kicked off the night at the Painted Lady, the whole band and their girlfriends decorated with zombie makeup. Their funky, eclectic psych-indie was most welcome.

At the New Dodge, Blaire Alise & the Bombshells have their own take on the ‘50s thing, the cutesy female vocals complementing the sedate but fun music. Back at the Painted Lady (I didn’t feel like driving much tonight), the Sunburns were playing their first Blowout and grabbing the opportunity with both sweaty palms. Surfy garage punk played by four dudes who look like they were thrown together by accident but sound like they were made for each other.

Highlight of the night was Danny & the Darleans, of course featuring former Demolition Doll Rods / Gories man Danny Kroha. With his last band the Readies and, more recently, with some of his solo stuff, Kroha toned down the fuzz but he’s a full force garage machine again now. The tunes are incredible, his band is tight and the energy is palpable. See you all next week.

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