The Kanye West and Big Sean split is getting really weird

click to enlarge Kanye West and Big Sean performing in 2016. - The Photo Access / Alamy Stock Photo
The Photo Access / Alamy Stock Photo
Kanye West and Big Sean performing in 2016.

​​Kanye West and Big Sean have a message for each other: “I don't fuck with you.”

The split went public last week, when Sean dropped a new EP titled What You Expect. The Detroit rapper took to Twitter to point out that it was his first music released on his own label, apart from West’s G.O.O.D. Music, which he signed to in 2007 .

“By the way this the first project where I’m on my own label as well, no more lil dawg shit!!!! I bossed up!” he wrote. In another tweet, he added, “That’s a forever brotherhood, but business wise, I had to start getting a bigger cut! I worked my way out that deal.”

It seems like the split was not amicable, though.

In Thursday’s episode of the Drink Champs podcast, when asked to pick a better rapper out of Big Sean or fellow G.O.O.D. Music signee Pusha T, West said that signing Sean was “the worst thing I've ever done.”

In a clip filmed during the podcast posted by World Star Hip Hop, West picked up a tombstone Halloween decoration and pointed to it. “When I die, on my tombstone, it’s gonna say, ‘I deserve to be here because I signed Big Sean,’” he said.

At first, host N.O.R.E. thought west said “best” and started applauding. “That’s a beautiful thing.”

“No, the worst!” West said.

Apparently, West is pissed that Sean didn't support him during his ill-fated publicity stunt/run for president in 2020.

“I know this man mama, bro,” he said. “You know what I'm saying? I've changed this man family. “And both John Legend and Big Sean, when I ran for office, got used quick by the Democrats to come at they boy that actually changed they life. And that's some sellout shit, and I don't rock with neither of them, and I need my apologies.”

Apparently, West thinks “selling out” is only OK if it’s for him.

West’s presidential run ultimately earned just 66,641 votes, compared to Joe Biden’s 81.2 million votes.

Sean responded to West's comments on Twitter, saying they caught him by surprise.

“Was just wit this man, he ain’t say none of that!!!” Sean tweeted with a photo of them together. “And this was after the interview! I’m dying laughing at you @kanyewest 😂”

He also denied he was ever a “tool” of the Democratic party.

“I didn’t get used by anybody or endorse anyone publicly at all. Cause I’m not political,” he tweeted. “That’s what’s hilarious, none of it’s true n he doesn’t even know what he talking about. I’m rollin.”

West has been behaving erratically for years. (In the Drink Champs clip he sports what can only be described as a "bizarre" haircut.) In 2016, he abruptly canceled his Saint Pablo tour and was later admitted to a Los Angeles hospital after ranting against fellow collaborator Jay Z and Hillary Clinton.

In October, Sean was nostalgic for his time with G.O.O.D., suggesting that the split happened earlier.

“I also really miss the brotherhood I use to have with GOOD music, I don’t know what happened,” he wrote on Oct. 21. “Guess those the GOOD ol days. It’s all love, but we use to really be clique’d up.”

Sean and West first met in 2005, when West was doing a radio interview at metro Detroit’s former Hot 102.7 FM radio station. When Sean heard West was going to be there, he went to the station to try and catch his attention.

“​​One of my best friends called and was like, ‘Yo, Kanye is down at the radio station. If you go down there and rap for him, he’ll sign you,’” Sean told MTV in 2009.

“Kanye shook my hand and started walking away,” Sean recalled. “My friend was like, ‘You gotta go for it.’ So I tapped him on the shoulder and was like, ‘I’m an aspiring MC. I do this show every Friday. Can I rap for you?’ He was like, ‘No. I gotta go.’ I’m like, ‘Man, please — you’re my hero. Let me rap for you? Just let me spit for you.’

“It was like out of the movies,” Kanye told MTV. “I could hear his personality and character and style in it. He just walked up to me and said a rap and I said, ‘I’mma sign you.’ That’s what happened.”

Kanye later brought Sean out on tour while he recorded Graduation. Big Sean eventually signed to G.O.O.D. Music/ Def Jam in 2007.

He added, “I wasn’t signing acts at that time. But I was so inspired by what he did. His voice was very compelling. His lyrics were very clever and the melodies and the way he was putting it together and his story. So it’s not that easy, but it’s a lot of people who rap who aren’t as dope.”

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