The Grind Date

The Grind Date, by De La Soul.

Brought to you by three dudes who have been chronically normal for 16 years.

Hear De La as they abandon their penchant for concept albums. This is a party record. You’ll dance to it.


It’ll renew your faith in hip hop’s sense of creativity.

It’ll soothe your disdain of these shit-laden days.

You’ll see. By song 12, it’ll be OK. Damn you.

The Grind Date is released on a new label, Beyonce’s daddy’s company, Sanctuary.

The production is usually immaculate. Jay Dilla. Supa Dave. 9th Wonder. You’ll like their songs.

Just two things I don’t like. This voice of reason interjects philosophy in between some songs.

Fucker’s annoying.

And the vocals on “Shopping Bags” and “Rock Co. Kane Flow” are mixed low too. Frustrating stuff.

Posdnuos and Dave are still very good rappers.

Dave says stuff like, “Yo, let’s cookie-cut this shit and get the ginger bread, man.”

Pos says stuff too, like, “We created remixes back in ’88. No disrespect to Diddy, just settin’ it straight.”

That’s good rappin’. Vote or Die.

Speaking of “Shopping Bags,” why is that the single? I bet Beyonce’s daddy picked it.

Don’t judge the album
by it.

“The Grind Date,” “Church” and “Verbal Clap.” Highlights.

“Much More” and “It’s Like That.” Filler.

Bottom line, Grind is one of the better musical buys for your money.

“De La Soul, you’ve done it again,” Flava Flav says. He’s a guest star. No Bridgette Nielsen, though.

Khary Kimani Turner writes about music for Metro Times. E-mail [email protected].

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