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Just in case you don't plan to catch today's Michael Jackson tribute at the Staples Center in L.A. on one of the three major networks, the cable news stations, or one of the recaps the networks will be running tonight (including NBC's Dateline), Detroit's Charle H. Wright Museum of African American History (315 E. Warren Ave.) will be broadcasting the, memorial on its big screen in its GM Theatre, starting at 1 p.m. today. It's free to watch the show on a first come, first served you better get your butts down there if you plan to attend. Admission to the museum itself, though, is $5 for people over 4 years of age.

In news a little closer to home, got a note from the Go's Bobby Harlow last night (well, more like early morning) that simply read: "Wrote a song called 'Michael Jackson.' It's about... well, best if it's a surprise. Sessions begin on Wednesday. That is all." As burned out as we are on all the Jackson hoopla at the moment, this promises to be interesting at the very least.

Harlow: Yes, but can he moonwalk?

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