The GO at PJ's Lager House

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What’s to expect when you go see The Go? They haven’t played in Detroit for over two years, and they just stopped at SXSW to perform a set solely of Fiesta! material, their new album that

came out earlier this year,  produced by lead-singer and genius Bobby Harlow. What kind of band goes on stage and only plays their new material, which a heavy chance that less than half of the audience has heard it? Bob Dylan said the same thing a while ago- keep the shows fresh, and don’t rely on greatest hits material. Alice Cooper and Paul McCartney have been making a living off of it. They’ve barely played new tunes, the latest from their 90’s revival records. What’s great with The Go is that they have the ability to pull it off, and they can do it good. This is the first time I’ve heard of a Sold Out Lager House show, and it was packed to the rafters. The room was packed, like sardines, while watching the first opener for Redd Kross, the Wolfman Band (The brainchild of Italy Records owner David Buick and UFO Factory/Infinity People main-man Dio

n Fischer), performing cover songs, redone to include ‘wolf’ phrases. Among the best were ‘T.V. Wolf’, and ‘She’s A Wolf’ The Go hit the stage at around 10, opening with the first track off of Fiesta!,  ‘Voices Rant On’. It was amazing to see The Go’s new lineup- Bobby Harlow, John Krautner, Justin Walker, Steve Nawara, and Ben Luckett, performing for the first time in Detroit. Lee from Burger Records was also set up with T-Shirts, LP’s, and Cassettes (of which I bought Redd Kross’s two Burger releases, including their new album ‘Researching The Blues’).  This is exactly the kind of show where you have to ask why The Go aren’t selling out The Fillmore, and it’s obvious that they are the most under-appreciated jem in the Detroit music scene. Redd Kross were up next and were great, but, The Go were the stars of the night, and it seemed like The Go were done too soon. Long live The Go, mastermind Bobby Harlow, and the beautiful place that is PJ’s Lager House.

Order The GO's new album, FIESTA! from Burger Records:

Listen to a track off of the GO's new album, Fiesta,It Always Happens To You

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