Jul 22, 2008 at 6:05 pm

Congratulations to our young teenaged friends in the Displays, who self-release their debut LP, Ain’t Gonna Put Us Down, this week, complete with a CD release party this Friday, July 25th, at the Garden Bowl. The trio won the Detroit News‘Battle of the Bands competition back in 2007 (less than a year after their formation) — and used part of the prize money to complete this new disc. The band also finally has a permanent guitar player: Ben Van Camp from the Crooks is now in that spot

and he has some big shoes to fill, since some of the guest guitarists who’ve played with the band over the last few years include Gary Adams (Circus Boy), Molly Jean (the Decks), Cetan Clawson (who played with the boys at the Hamtramck Blowout last March) and, finally, one Mr. Eddie Baranek (of the Sights, of course), who’s the one who actually handled the guitar duties on the new album. The other members of the Diplays include lead vocalist-bassist Andrew Hecker and Josh Cohen on drums. Ain’t Gonna Put Us Down was recorded with Jim Diamond (who actually guest vocals on the lead track) at Ghetto Recorders. The Smashed Windows and Woodman will be opening the Friday night performance and the admission can’t be beat: It’s free. Look for a record review in the Metro Times in the near future.

Other record release parties this week include the Hentchmen, who celebrate the release of Iron Pimp, a 7-inch, three song vinyl EP (on Bellyache Records) with a show at the Park Bar on Saturday, July 26th; and the Javelins, who release their second album, Heavy Meadows, on Suburban Sprawl Records this week, with a celebration at the Belmont, also on Saturday night, the 26th. Look for Laura Witkowski’s review of the latter album in next week’s issue (July 30th) of the Metro Times.

The Displays on display...