The Detroit Duo Fest is the newest Detroit fest to be extra stoked about

Detroit Duo Fest is hitting the Loving Touch on Saturday, August 13. Nine musical duos will be there to melt faces and blast eardrums. Better buckle up buckaroo, this one will be a doozy. 

The bands will be playing back to back on two stages, one main stage and a side stage to the left of the bar. Each band will be playing a 25 to 30 minute set, so once a band is done the next one will begin immediately, plan drinks and smoke breaks accordingly! 

The sole creator of the festival is Parker Bengry, who is one half of the band the Messenger Birds, who of course will also be preforming as well. Speaking of preforming, lets take a quick look at the bands.

Making appearances to kick out the jams are The Kickstand Band, The Boy Wonders, the Messenger Birds, Tart, Yum, Rouge Satellites, JUNGLEFOWL, Boogie Knights, and the Sugar Bombs. This is a packed line-up for one night, so make sure not to miss it, yeah dingus! 

Something pretty cool that Parker let Metro Times know about was the limited run of festival posters (pictured below), and how they tie in with the Flint water crisis. Proceeds made from selling the posters will be donated to Flint to assist with the ongoing water crisis, so make sure to pick one up, you get to have an awesome piece of art work and help Flint out a wee bit, a win-win in my book. The poster was designed by Kimberly Rose Tomlin. 

The Messenger Birds also have some new music coming out. They have a 4-track EP entitled The Good Years, featuring Ivan Fargo of the band Those Hounds. The EP was recorded at The Sound Shop over in Chesterfield. 

The EP will be quite unique, in CD format, as each one will contain a individualized insert. Each insert contains a different photo, taken during the creation of the EP. On the back of each insert there will also be a message from The Messenger Birds, as well as a download code for a recording of their live set when they played the 'Everyone I Owe' event at the Loving Touch. 

Everything goes down, once again, at the Loving Touch on Saturday, August 13. Doors are at 7 p.m., music cranks out at 8 p.m., $10 cover. Grab a partner in crime, and see you there!

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