The Butlers did it

Nov 15, 2000 at 12:00 am

The Butler Twins, Curtis and Clarence, have long been considered among the most important members of the Detroit blues community. This CD should make it clear to anyone with a good pair of blues ears why this is the case.

Born and raised in Alabama, the Twins arrived in Detroit in the ’70s armed with the sort of thick Delta blues that they learned from their father. It’s the same blues that they continue to deliver today, stubbornly refusing to compromise the integrity of the music that they represent so well, and that is so well-represented on this CD. Detroit blues has branched off into a number of different directions in recent years, and that’s not all bad, but it’s important to remember from whence it all came.

This is the raw, real thing. Uncut. Straight, no chaser. That the songs were recorded live at the Attic in Hamtramck, which has been the Twins’ home base for years, makes the delivery that much more potent. After all, the only way to really appreciate the Twins is in a live setting. This is especially true when they’re joined by a powerhouse lineup of fellow Detroit musicians, including Jeff Grand, Chris Rummel, Eddie Harsch, Martin Gross, Billy Farris, Roger Tapp, Bernard “Duke” Dawson, Andy Szymanski, John Evans, Kenny Parker, Jeff Malacon and Bob Lee.