Nov 1, 2007 at 6:29 pm

Hey, just in case you missed it at the top of the Home page, this is to inform you that our annual groovy big Motor City Blowout music festival is now officially slated to take place Wednesday through Saturday, March 5th through 8th.

For those unfamiliar with the event (what, you live in a cave or something?), the Blowout is a wild idea that’s grown into a scrappy, sprawling event that featured roughly 250 bands last year alone. This will be the 11th year the Metro Times has taken over Hamtramck to present the cream of Michigan music. Hellen, Thunderbirds are Now!, Adult., Siddhartha, Eons, Misty Lyn and the Big Beautiful, Metasyons, Asylum 7, Tone & Niche, the Go, Outrageous Cherry, Lincolns U.K., the Hadituptoheres, Great Lakes Myth Society and the Dorkwave crew, not to mention two nights of a Beehive label showcase, are just a few of the acts that took and shook the stages last year. For even more info, check out MT writer Chris Handyside’s history of “the Little Festival That Could” here.

Applications are currently being accepted online by clicking here. It’s a fully digital application, so it’s not even going to cost you postage to apply. (Never let it be said that the Metro Times is anything less than generous! Hell, we don’t even require an application fee. Take that, you greedy South By Southwest staffers!) The only catch in the application process is that your musical act must be based in Michigan, either current or long-term. All applications must be received no later than Friday, December 28th at 5 p.m. So, damn, if you’re any good at all, get those applications to us, pronto! We’re gonna throw the biggest and bestest Blowout this city has seen yet...but we need your help to do it. So apply! Today! As our favorite hillbillies have been known to say: "It don't cost nuthin...!"

No, not that kinda blowout...!

This kinda Blowout:

Black Merda performs at the 2006 Blowout