The Air Up There

Puns present themselves too easily with emcee Sheefy McFly -as I could riff on how, er, blunt... some of his bars are... considering what likely inspired him to make two scattered-out concept albums inspired by having the Munchies...

Weed through the more than 30 tracks titled for various snack brands and you'll see the montage as reflective of the same caution-to-the-wind-styled dump-it-all-out on the table style (or maybe even tip the whole damn table over) prevalent throughout the Detroit-based rappers experimental oeuvre of trash-pop-inspired funk-teased trips.

There's a video at the bottom of this post with a toilet as its main plot-device... Fair warning.


But really, he just had "a lot of beats stacked up" and had to get 'em out...  (Listen: Munchies 2! by Sheefy Mcfly)

To Sheefy's credit, he's curated what's become a staple summit of the contemporary local hip-hop scene, The Air Up There -a somewhat sporadic / somewhat regular wrangling of various dignitaries, be they solo emcees or R&B collectives, DJ's or rap crews, coming together under one roof (Bob's Classic Kicks' sneaker shop).

"Yeah its crazy, man," Sheefy said, looking back on the most recent TAUT marking the third anniversary. "At first I just did it because I needed a spot to perform at, then after a while it turned into something bigger, into Detroit's new Hip Hop shop."

TAUT's celebratory, communal-bolstering vibe became not just a place to appreciate raw new raps affected amid a house-party-esque vibe, but also played a subtle hand in helping new artists break into the scene, while also having some already-established local legends come through and rock the place. "The Air Up There is slowly becoming the biggest part of my life," Sheefy said with a proud chuckle.

Sheefy McFly presents ... THE AIR UP THERE at BOB'S CLASSIC KICKS NO. 34"Man, I got too many memories: like...The Air UP There Christmas Special I threw. We packed out Bob's with about 200 people  in the building and Danny Brown showed up and killed that night...and there was another TAUT where it was so hot inside of the store that we set the speakers up outside in the parking lot and just had the show there...It's become like a drug to me, just to see how far I can push it...I never know what can possibly happen.. I'm always jittery until 11:30!"

Find Sheefy on Facebook for info/full line-up for this weekend's The Air Up There # 34 - Saturday night at 9 pm


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