Tesco Vee: On DVD

Dec 5, 2008 at 10:32 am
Punk legend and Meatman mainman Tesco Vee has had a busy year. Not only has the East Lansing native assembled a new Meatmen lineup, taking it on tour starting with this year’s South by Southwest. He’s also busy making good on his promises to release a slew of his hilarious back-catalog stuff this year. In addition to publication of a collection of his Touch and Go fanzine that’s in the works, he’s released an entertaining DVD that features his jizz-soaked, totally offensive brand of hate-comedy.

The disc, titled The Devil’s in the Details (Vol. 1), is more than just a bunch of video clips so old they look like that tape was disintegrating. (Although that’s there too!) This DVD, part farce and part documentary, gives tasteless Tesco the chance to mock his favorite targets: ABBA, his parents, Morrissey and organized religion. Perhaps funniest of all is a fake Behind the Music-style documentary ostensibly chronicling the Vee-man’s life, from his humble origins as the son of a Dutch-American Michigan family through his career as zany shock-rocker. The DVD also affords a glimpse at Tesco’s massive collection of rock memorabilia, sci-fi kitsch and classic toys (who knew he was such a serious collector?), as well as a look at his classic car, his superbike and, of course, his family. (No matter how hard you’ve got it, can you imagine being Tesco Vee’s son?)

If you’re sick enough to be interested in this DVD, we hear that one comes free with advance purchase of tickets to the Meatmen’s special day-after-Christmas show at Small’s Bar in Hamtramck. So, laugh it up, weenbags!