Teen-a-rama: 'Walk Alone Skin N' Bones'

May 11, 2012 at 4:30 pm
On the first album from this super group of musicians, They keep to their glam rock roots, and hard rock influence. The group composed of Gregory Beyer (Grayling, Sherry, Ty Stone and The Tr

uth) Eric Hoegemeyer (Crud, Gold Cash Gold) and Troy Gregory (The Dirtbombs, The Witches) are all but underground, having performed at UDetroit recently, among other full house gigs. From the first track on the album Jack Knife, you know this is going to be great experimental, powerhouse rock. Holy Roller Suicide; another jam, is packed to the rim with musicianship, and great lyrics. “I love the band. I first met Eric when I was 14, recording my first demo” says Beyer, the guitarist and vocalist in the 3-piece band. “It’s a pure power trio. I want others to discover the music and realize how cool their sound  is. We’re in the studio finishing up our 2nd release, and It’s gonna be awesome!” Troy Gregory, a Detroit native and legend, makes a great addition to this band musically, and in the sense of star power. Hoegemeyer adds just as much with his insane fills and wild beats that leave you hankering for more. A fan favorite from the album, Spector, is meaningful, and beautiful in it’s own right. “I’ll be waiting, I’ll be waiting today” a line from the song, shows how much insight into your future these cats have. Prior to the vinyl release, ADAP will be selling the album in download form on Bandcamp.

It's cool. Check it out.

Really.It's great.