Tarnished Gold

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There are times when my kool-aid drunkard spills out of the blogoid-saloon and yells his enthusiasm for a work out into vast blur of the Internet skies...whether you wanna hear it or not... Beachwood Sparks (are/were/have-been/prove-again-to-be) one of my favorite bands, but after a concernedly long dormancy -they come back and have made what I think to be a pretty solid record - Tarnished Gold (June 26--SubPop).

Beachwood Sparks open their first album in ten years with “Forget the Song” -a breezy minor-ballad, celestial and smile-inducing, the twanged-drifts and head-swimming warbled tones invite you to dip into rich, rippling waters of psychedelic-tinged neo-Americana. Let the current take you - these guys do it right.  

Forget the song? Forget the whole last decade – this Byrdsian-bred cosmic country rock quartet were percolating provocative takes on this particular-bendy-brand of  music before besotted blogs started selling you every-other-Blitzen Trappin’ Fleet Fox.

Listen: Beachwood Sparks - "Forget The Song"

They pick up right where they left off – tone down weirder-space-rock splices and go more burnt-grass back-porch rockin under, albeit, tastefully trippy night skies, such ears for tones, such ears for harmony.

Sparks fly again.

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