Ta'raach Teams Up With All City Records

Mar 7, 2011 at 4:03 pm

Respected Los Angeles Dublin-based indie label, All City Records, recently partnered with Detroit-affiliated emcee, Ta'raach and Mochilla co-founder Eric Coleman to create a 10-inch record that is in stores as of now. Vinyl fans might already know that All City has an ongoing series of 10-inches that they put out with L.A.-based producers they respect. Since Ta'raach is now based in that burg instead of Detroit, it was fitting that the entities finally worked together. This isn't the first time that All City has tapped one of the 313's finest in the series as they put out DJ House Shoes blunt-ready jam, "Newports," just last year.

For this release entitled LA # 9, there are roughly 10 tracks and Ta'raach contributes production on six of them. A lot of folks recently heard Ta'raach's production genius on Erykah Badu's stunning new single, "Gone Baby, Don't Be Long," which he produced entirely by himself. If the name Ta'raach doesn't ring a bell with Detroit readers, he used to go by the name Lacks and made a strong name for himself collaborating with artists like J. Dilla, Elzhi, and Platinum Pied Pipers in the earlier part of last decade.

Vinyl heads should surely check this limited edition physical release out and search for it digitally when it's available online March 15th. Like most smart labels putting out vinyl, a digital component is always included. For now, peep the featured mp3 they released today by Ta'raach called "Lemonade (Guru Mix)" which can be downloaded now.