Tape review: 'Sci-Fidelity' by Just Go

Oct 16, 2015 at 11:57 am
Back to the Basics: Long time audio engineer Josef ConeyIsland partners up with DJ Moppy for new release

Josef ConeyIsland and Chicago-based DJ Moppy (known as Just Gp) have released Sci-Fidelity, a 6 song EP only available on cassette. “This EP was created in a series of sessions where each song was produced written and recorded on the spot. As Moppy crafted the instrumentals, I penned the verses. When he was finished with the track, I recorded the lyrics. In this project I’ve grown as an artist and stopped being such a perfectionist by accepting my mistakes as unique aspects of my style,” says Josef.

The project starts off with “Vibe Out;” a throwback, scratching, boom bap, side wining baseline with the most perfect complimentary drums you’ve ever heard. Josef also sets the tone with his lyrically prowess. “Yo I’m Advil strictly for the heads, give me a 16, I’ll beat, I’m a lead-pipe, filled with headlight-keep ya head banging with the scratching all night,” he raps.

“Camp Au” is a more slowed tune with a Tyler the Creatorish approach. Again, Josef’s lyrics are on point. ”…I’d be delighted to light the spliff, then slow roll through the whole show and fill the room with the silhouette of my logo, the city lights below, nobody holds a vigil for a vigilante..” he raps. Some sporadic drums and melodic vocals from Nickie P make “Mind Power” work and “Just Go,” has a George Clinton vibe with a Detroit twist to it. Overall the project wins because it’s nod to the old school lyrically, while Moody implements some very cool futuristic sounds.