String-along Sundays

Apr 18, 2007 at 12:00 am
Tim Pak is a legend in Detroit’s music scene. He’s been a main player in some of the most lauded outfits in town (Angry Red Planet, the Salt Miners), and owner of the Woodshed Recording Studio in Oak Park. If he hasn’t shared the stage with one of your bands, he has probably recorded you. He’s often the conduit connecting one musician to another, and his admiration for the pickers themselves is boundless, almost religious. Which brings us to his latest project: String Band Sundays at Club Bart.

Ever the modest one, Pak hopes to keep this monthly event as simple as possible: He hopes to create a dialog between the players — a musical forum where folks can broaden their musical horizons.

“I just wanted to create a regular event for acoustic and string band music that might help to create a new community,” Pak says. “I know that there are other bands out there who just haven’t emerged.”

Acoustic open mic nights are almost as ubiquitous as they can be mawkish. What distinguishes String Band Sundays is Pak’s enthusiasm about chops: This ain’t your stoner jam band’s open mic. In fact, the jamming doesn’t even commence until after the performances. Consider it a collective, not an opportunity to show off.

Past performers have included Pak’s side project, Big Lake Trawler, Walking Mountain Band, Milwaukee’s .357 String Band, Motor City Sidestrokers and the Detroit Bluegrass Trio (former Cass Avenue Ramblers).

This week, Pak welcomes the Mountain Top Trio, Niko & Friends, and classical and gypsy music from Gino Fanelli.

“It’s a nice and easygoing event at a place that serves dinner on a Sunday,” Pak says.

Say amen and get thee to the Church of Twang.

At 7:30 p.m., Sunday, April 22 at Club Bart, 22726 Woodward Ave., Ferndale;