Stones Throw 101 DVD & CD

Leave it to Peanut Butter Wolf to fashion one of the illest mixtape/DVD combos to come out since we don’t remember when. In fact, this mixer/DVD is the perfect holiday introduction into the Stones Throw’s stellar schema of bugged-out musical affiliates.

The mixtape’s 42 tracks are all over the place. Breakestra strums out obscure fusion with the ’70’s funk/doo-wop rich “Showbiz.” Jaylib and The Lootpack stay in heavy rotation as well. Dilla rhymes over Madlib’s beats more often than the reverse, but Madlib and all his aliases are well represented. Yesterdays New Quintet makes a jazzy appearance with “Little Girl” and Quasimoto, DJ Rels and the MF Doom/Madlib combo of Madvillain keep it avant-garde.

The companion DVD requires copious amounts of cannabis to make it through the first 20 minutes. Think obscure, random, stoner footage of cartoon storyboards, blunted action heroes and low-rent Cali rap vids strewn over Madlib beats — that which only a true spliff enthusiast can appreciate. Hence the highlights: a rare ’92 Charizma concert and freestyle footage shot just before the San Jose MC’s shooting death; a simplistic and impressive Wildchild clip for “Wonder Years”; an astral Madlib Sun Ra trib. There’s even early Jaylib footage from the Jazz Café in London with ’Lib on Drums, Dilla on Vocals and Mos Def on stage tinkling a baby grand. This one’s for beat fiends and Stones Throw aficionados … cop it.

Jonathan Cunningham writes about music for Metro Times. Send comments to [email protected].

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