Damn! I’ve always had a great time at the Fillmore, even when it was going by that other name

but this guy has a point. MT received this as a letter to the editor. Looks like it’s not going to make the cut for publication in the paper itself – but we got a kick out of it. Sounds like the “STFU” experience I had at the Bruce Springsteen concert at the Palace last fall:

Anyway, here’s the hardly edited letter in its entirety:

This is a shout out to the "security" at the Fillmore and the three skanks at the Flogging Molly concert (Saturday, February 9th) who had seats up in the balcony near the front -- and stood up during the whole concert, obstructing the view of at least nine people throughout the entire show, with what passes for security sweetly asking them to please sit down time and again, in consideration of those seated behind their voluminous asses.

Of course, standing up once in awhile is part of any concert, but nine people who paid extra to sit in the balcony were cheated out of seeing anything on account of this bullshit that the Fillmore was obligated to take care of. The most ignorant one had a pretty nice “Hello Kitty” tattoo on her right shoulder and a shirt on... two sizes too small --which made her look like "ten pounds of shite in a five pound bag."

Standing up literally throughout the whole damn concert was a matter of pride for this one. There were areas in the lower and upper levels for standing, dancing, etc. -- and even in the back row of the balcony, which the glorified ushers at the Fillmore pointed out to her. Although her "boyfriend for the night" looked embarrassed, he was still eager to get his money's worth out of the deal from this young woman with clearly a lot of mileage on her ass. Gee, do you think he scored that night? Kind of like throwing a hot dog down a hallway at this point with Miss Congeniality. You really had to be there to see what I mean.

Oh, and then this little redheaded friend of theirs proudly made a big show of coming to the defense of her poor oppressed sisters after they were repeatedly asked to sit down, making her look particularly asinine, like she was standing up for something. Rebel without a clue! And such an otherwise nice looking Irish girl! How proud her parents must be. Her rather bony ass was not as hard to look around. But the one on the third friend... whose formidable arse had its own zip code and volunteer fire department, had eclipsed the stage entirely for many of us all night.

The ushers/security at the Fillmore were a stupid joke. They should have bounced them after the first dozen or so complaints. One after another gave them a stiff talking to, but in the end they just walked away, shaking their heads, apparently impotent to really do much of anything else. So -- The moral is... Don't pay extra at the Fillmore and go up in the balcony expecting to see anything, if some little girls get it in their silly heads that it is their right to stand up all night, because you will not get any help from the glorified ushers they have on the security

staff. These three skanks lacked something in their upbringing that most people have... common decency and simple consideration for others. It all boils down to the fact that they simply were "not raised right."

People paid extra for these balcony seats in order to stare at some really unappealing asses. These skanks exemplified what is wrong with today's society, where inconsiderate behavior is a way of life. They are why I am still single!

The Flogging Molly concert was actually quite good, though... from what I could hear anyway. Their new album is Float, which is worth giving a listen to. Avoid the balcony at the Fillmore. Cheers Detroit.

Flogging Molly: Playing to some really unappealing asses...

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