Step aside Meek Mill — Slim Shady may be going for Drake next

Is it just us, or do rappers these days have more drama than Mary J. Blige did in the early 00's? Turns out, our office crush and friendly Canadian neighbor Drake might be involved in some more drama, and it's surprisingly not from his arch-nemesis Meek Mill. According to several reports, our very own Eminem may be gearing up to take down Drake with one diss track at a time. 

To fully understand why Eminem may be coming for Drake, we first need to understand what got us to this point. Enter: Views. 

Drake released his latest album, Views, came out a few months ago, and regardless of what you think of it (we still can't stop playing "Too Good", but that's for a different story) the album is a commercial success and has really landed Drake into rap super stardom. There's just no denying it. So you'd think that Drake wouldn't give a shit if some rappers who are at a much lower fame level than he would critique Views? Guess again my friends. 

New Jersey emcee Joe Budden said on his podcast back in May that Drake sounds "uninspired" on Views. A totally valid critique, yet Drake couldn't let that critique go and has been engaged in a feud with the veteran emcee ever since. Since then, Drake has called out Budden on stage at a few shows, and Budden has released 4 diss tracks since June 30 (read more about their feud here). 

So since Drake and Joe Budden are in the middle of a Mean Girls-style brawl, (Drake is totally Regina George, right??) the rest of the world (i.e. The Internet) has to way in. Of course, HOT 97 host and hip-hop commentator Ebro expressed his views on the matter. Turns out, Eminem is Joe Budden's label boss (gasp!) and Ebro told Drake that Eminem might be coming after him now (another gasp!). "I [Ebro] told Drake that I heard the rumor that Eminem was going to gear up to come after him. He laughed. He was like, "That's not gonna happen.' He's like, 'He'd never do that. And if he did, I got something for him, too.'" Damn. 

Today, Ebro tweeted out that this whole thing was "just a joke" and "people ran with it." So does Ebro seem like the ultimate shit stirrer? Yes. Will we have to watch Rihanna pick sides? Sadly, no. Will we get to see Drake's ghost writers shit themselves? Again, no. Do we still want Joe Budden diss tracks? Yes. And as much as we'd hate to see Drake and Eminem pitted against each other, we all know what Em can write a mean diss track. Just ask Mariah Carey! 

So thanks for nothing, Ebro! 

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