Terrify your children with music, hear Terminal Girls, and read free verse


Raindrops: Activities For a Rainy Day
Melody House

Nope, slashing your wrists is not a rainy day activity outlined on this lonely long player aimed at precipitation kiddie crowd control. Raindrops and its ghastly '60s cover art conjure up an idyllic time when Ritalin wasn't overprescribed and preschoolers might've sat still long enough to "Pretend You're a Seed." Or could've sung "Hurray for Rain," which suggests that "cheerleaders" be assigned to encourage the downpour to keep you under house arrest even longer. You could hardly expect today's enterprising young hooligans not to take immediate unfair advantage of any adult stupid enough to put both hands behind his back long enough to sing one verse of "Where Is Thumpkin." Once doubled over in pelvic pain after the reappearance of Thumpkin, one can expect some Guantanamo Bay-style hospitality from his rainy day tormentors, with the surprisingly helpful "What You Can Do With Water." —Serene Dominic



When I sing along with Waka Flocka Flame I feel like a blackdragon soaring through the windblowing fire on people's houses and stealing their food.

I want to hear a
song that sounds like raindrops
a song that looks like glittering water
a song that tastes like spring
a song that makes me
feel like an angel with wings.

—Willie Antonio James Jr., 6th Grade,
InsideOut Literary Arts, Golightly Education Center



Terminal Girls — "So Primitive"
"So Primitive"
From forthcoming LP

Here's an early listen from duo Terminal Girls. See, Ian Swanson and Mike Prezzato are abstract visual artists, and their droning "You're so primitive" chorus takes on a similar sense of, um, abstraction, sorta like MGMT, only rougher, almost industrial-lite. —Travis R. Wright

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