Spring Mix

May Day. International Worker's Day...

What's in the news? The 99% are re-activated! (Via MSNBC): Massive 'May Day' Protests take place across the U.S.

What will the impact be on a day without the 99%?

On the music side of all this is the Occupy Guitarmy - bolstered by Tom Morellow, Das Racist, Dan Deacon and more...as BrooklynVegan reports.

But if you're still stuck at work, or if you're loitering around the Internet on this mid-Spring-eve, then maybe you'd like to, oh, I don't know... hear some music?

It's been a busy year of local releases...

Here's an admittedly random grab-bag of local songs to stream - blending pop-ful indie-rock, NewWeird hip-hop, mutant disco, neo-mutant-disco/dance-rock-hybrids, space-folk, and psychedelic punk - Or, at least, I'm trying to convince myself that it is, indeed, a zestful sonic blend, however modestly...and however, yes, randomly, tossed together.

Everyone below either has a new album out this week, coming out very soon, or released one within the last month.

FAWN - "Pixels" -  - This quartet has a new album coming out in the summertime - If you're reading this in time, then you can see them tonight (Tues), at the Loving Touch in Ferndale:

FAWN - Pixels by wearefawn ?


The Anonymous - "Smash For Funkers" - ...just 'cuz it's momentarily stuck in my head. And I find that shout-out to Doc Waffles so endearing. Doc Waffles, meanwhile, has a new LP just-about ready - and on the way later this Spring, titled Ambulance Chasers.  In retrospect, maybe the Anonymous' tune "April Showers" would've been more fitting:


The Summer Pledge - "Raw Phase"  - -from Vessels - celebrated via a release show on May 10th at the Magic Stick.


Pink Lightning - "Dancing On The Ceiling" - brought into being by maniacal magic, last weekend, at the Old Miami - physical copies are coming out asap.



Johnny Headband - "And The Again" - the latest single from the majestic/meditative marathon Who Cooks For You - but they go on a UK tour this summer before having a proper release-concert here in Detroit.



Mick Bassett - "Scoundrels" -a self release under (Here Lies the Lion that Lied in Your Bed) his own label Sleek Speek - with physical copies coming soon. Bassett, current/former/(future?) Martha, former Dollface, and very-recent U-M graduate in English, performs the Pike Room in Pontiac, May 8th.


Bad Indians - "The Other Side" - part of a forthcoming June release. They play

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