Something New, Indeed: SelfSays' 'April'

Aug 14, 2012 at 9:08 am
Anybody see this guy at the T.V. Bar last weekend?

Anyway... I'm heading into my day-job so I don't have many minutes left for the usual long-winded grandiloquence... If you're in as much a hurry as I, or just have four free minutes from work and you need to spark your dopamine receptors, then just listen to this:

Detroit MC SelfSays (a.k.a. Charles Vann) just dropped an E.P. online, out-of-nowhere. Well, kind-of out of nowhere.

Three months ago, Selfsays posted a track he'd completed with producer Blockhead, some of their best work and a very telling song, lyrically, tilted "This Year." 

Turns out he had a few other tracks laying around, the fruition of other collaborations with producers like Jamaican Queens' Adam Pressley, Eddie Logix, Scav-D, Samiyam and Raj Mahal. Clearing the vaults, so to speak, the MC's still got more new material on the way later this year.

I could go on about the dude's lyricism, but I'm late for work. It's better, as always, to let the music speak for peek his bandcamp page for the rest of April's tracks.

"Reality accepted / Negative corrected / Universally connected..."


Okay, off to work...