So...About that Marching Band Last Night

So, you may have been hanging out at Small's last night sipping a drink in the bar room waiting for the next band to start, or may have been hugging a wall in the hallway of the Gates of Columbus when, out of nowhere, you see...a marching band?

Not part of the Blowout schedule or planned by Metro Times in any way, this assemblage of horn blowers, bass drum thumpers, and cymbal crashers crashed Saturday at the Blowout (although respectfully by not entering the actual performance spaces while a scheduled band was playing).

From what this blogger could find out, this wasn't a one-time flash mob performance, but the beginning of a new kind of band in Detroit. I heard from somebody that they're tentatively named the Detroit City Party Marching Band, or something like that, and that they'll be showing up both scheduled and unscheduled for gigs at various bars in Detroit and perhaps a certain Irish-themed parade over the coming months.

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