You see what I did there, with that title? Genius, huh?

But still,

Holy fuckin' snow.

Treacherous road conditions and, reportedly, power failure to the area of Hamtramck around the Gates of Columbus would be the kind of thing that would threaten a music festival in other areas of the country, but not here. If anything, the snow is seen as a challenge. Let's roll up our sleeves and go enjoy some rock 'n' roll.

I salute you all.

The weather didn't keep me away for a minute, although I will admit to making an informed decision to stay at the Gates of Columbus for the evening and not drive any more than necessary. This meant missing the Ashleys, one of my favorite bands at the moment, but Kory from Citizen Smile was good enough to text me and tell me that the two-piece were "killing it at Kelly's Bar right now". I didn't doubt it for a second.

At the GoC, recent MT cover stars the Bill Bondsmen were first on, yelling us all into submission while simultaneously trying to seduce us into moving forward a few feet.

Conspiracy of Owls (featuring members of the Go, I believe) and Old Empire were both interesting and both warrant further attention.

Anything Amy Gore touches is golden and the Squires, featuring Jackson Smith on guitar, are no different. With Gorevette, she's been leaving the singing to Nikki Corvette so it's good to hear Amy belt out a few tunes again. I was also reminded that I really miss the Gore Gore Girls.

Now I'm sat at home and the Blowout is over. The good news is that all (or at least most) of the bands that played over the past four days will be playing again, regularly. That's what they do. Plus, venues like the Belmont, the Painted Lady, Smalls, Paychecks, etc, put shows on every weekend, and that's just Hamtramck. Metro Detroit is full of these places.

The Blowout is over for another year, but the quality music never ends in the D.

I can only encourage you all to take every opportunity to go out and hear it.

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