Sniffing the future

Best Next Underground Trend to Go Mainstream
Emo music

Yeah, OK, I kind of see it happening. The Hot Water Music show at St. Andrews was pretty packed, and Sunny Day Real Estate’s The Rising Tide was one of the most anticipated albums of last year. But I think when a diverse “style” of music tries its damnedest not to categorize itself into the cozy confines of a genre or worse yet, a trend, it’s hard to imagine it ever scraping its way aboveground. But just in case, retail outlets, here’s your warning: Start ordering black, hooded sweatshirts now! Everyone buy stock in those Sharpie pens that the kids use to make X’s on their hands! I mean, look at who’s leading our country. Punk’s coming back — even if it’s an emo-tional, introspective, mushy version. I smell a revolution! Or wait, maybe it’s just all the emo kids.

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