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Bootsey X 

15 Favorite Second Rock Releases:

1) Fun House — The Stooges

2) White Light/White Heat — The Velvet Underground

3) The Slider — T. Rex

4) A Quick One (Happy Jack) — The Who

5) 12 X 5 — The Rolling Stones

6) I Know You Fine But How You Doin' — The Gories

7) Taking Tiger Mountain by Strategy —Eno

8) Flamingo — The Flamin' Groovies

9) Them Again — Them

10) Ritual de lo Habitual — Jane's Addiction

11) GN' Lies — Guns N' Roses

12) Roots — Curtis Mayfield

13) For Your Pleasure — Roxy Music

14) Leave Home — The Ramones

15) Thank Heaven For Little Girls — The Dwarves

Bootsey X & The Lovemasters play Comerica Cityfest at 7 p.m. on Friday, July 3, on the Park Stage.

The Silent Years' Josh Epstein's 

Top 10 artists deserving of a second shot:

1) Postal Service
One Record, then gone. I hear they won't be doing another. Does this band even count?

2) Bobby McFerrin
I think it's about time for "Don't Worry, Be Happy 2.0"

3) The Divinyls
Shouldn't they be entitled to as many shots as they want after putting out "I Touch Myself"? 

4) The Envy Corps
Mercury Records dropped them after their 2007 debut, Dwell, didn't sell very well. It's still one of the most overlooked records of all time.

5) The Fire Theft
They made one record — it was lovely — but it didn't succeed. They were later dropped but have reformed their first project, Sunny Day Real Estate, so I guess it all works out.

6) Sound Team
Saw these guys at SXSW three years ago. They were so great, and then they were dropped by Capitol before their second record could happen. But they own a sweet analog studio in Austin called Big Orange, so I'm sure they're doing something.

7) 5Style
One of the many mid-'90s Chicago projects from the Tortoise/Sea and Cake crew. The first record was one of the best instrumental records I've ever heard, and the guitar work of Billy Dolan (now moonlighting in Jeremy Enigk's band) is amazing.

8) Robert Sean Leonard
Better known as the actor from Dead Poets Society and now House, Leonard recorded my favorite ever cover of the Wilco song, "The Lonely One." What a talent! Give us more.

9) Pure
In the early '90s there was a band on 89X called Pure. I think they were Canadian. It was one of those things where a 10-year-old hears a song and buys the album, but it was really good. I wonder what happened to them.

10) Eddie Murphy
"My Girl Wants to Party All the Time" is one of my favorite all-time jams.

The Silent Years play Comerica Cityfest at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, July 1, on the Pure Detroit Stage.

Silverghost's Marcie Bolen & Deleano Acevedo 

Best musical twosomes:

1) Lucy & Desi (Marcie: "I love the idea of Lucy wanting to be in Desi's band and trying anything to get into one of his productions by either dancing through or coming in with an off-key tune to 'Babalu' while he's performing.")

2) John & Yoko 

3) Stevie Nicks & Lindsey

4) Sonny & Cher

5) Chrissie Hynde & Ray Davies

6) Nancy Sinatra & Lee

7) Ann-Margret & Lee Hazelwood ("The work Lee did with Ann-Margret may be even better than the stuff he did with Nancy. Ann-Margret has a very show tune-type voice that Lee shaped into some pretty awesome songs.")

8) Sid & Nancy

9) Thurston Moore & Kim

10) Johnny Cash & June Carter Cash

Silverghost plays Comerica Cityfest at 9:30 p.m. on Friday, July 3, on the Pure Detroit Stage.


10 favorite second country and/or country-rock albums:

1) Chris Knight — Chris Knight
It's technically his debut but the first one was an independent release so, for my money, he is one of the best in the biz.

2) Exit O — Steve Earle
Includes a slew of great songs. Without Steve Earle, I probably would have gone down a much different road.

3) "You Got Away With It (The Tale of Two Frat Brothers)" — Todd Snider 
The second single off the album his Devil You Know album. Awesome record. Snider is a genius.

4) Pizza Deliverance — Drive-By Truckers 
Includes the song, "The Night G.G. Allin Came to Town, telling the story of the late "performance artist" and his show in a small Southern town during the early '90's.

5) Hillbilly Deluxe — Dwight Yoakam
Includes a great cover of Elvis' "Little Sister." Mr. Yoakam also just happens to come from Pikeville, Ky., which is where my — as well as my good friend Ty Stone's — family comes from.

6) Strait from the Heart — George Strait
Contains the great "Amarillo by Morning" and "Marina del Rey," the latter written by the excellent Dean Dillon.

7) Rain, Trains and the Lord Almighty — Ned Van Go
One of the best bar bands I've ever seen. The song "Laid Off" is a true anthem for these times.

8) "Rain on the Scarecrow"— John Mellencamp
The second single off his Don Gehman-produced Scarecrow album. It had a significant effect on me even at a young age, not only on my songwriting today but the way I looked at the world then. Really opened my eyes to a lot of things. Great video as well. 

9) Let's Kill Saturday Night— Robbie Fulks
Matt Van turned me onto Robbie Fulks, a great artist who really does it his way. The title track is a killer song.

10) Brotherly Love — Dean Dillon
Dillon wrote a ton of great songs, mostly for George Strait. This includes "Nobody in His Right Mind Would Have Left Her," a perfect example of telling the truth and making it rhyme at the same time.

Doop & the Inside Outlaws play Comerica Cityfest at 9 p.m. on Saturday, July 4, on the Park Stage.

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